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  1. Terrific, Renault has been winning races for 50+++ years. Many class vistories @ LeMans. Last time ferrari won LeMans was 1965 , N.A.R.T. in a two two year old car. Ferrari brass made numerous snide comments to the press about Red Bull being new, flash in the pan & lucky. Last time ferrari finished in top 5 at LeMans and won class; 81 LeMans 5th. O.A. IMSA class winner. TIDE pozzi ferrari france 512BBLM, # 31589. TIDE palm beach, tom I.davis owned & raced car from sept. 1980- july 1987. Save the MIAMI Marine Stadium and old palm beach. Merry Christmas!

  2. I really do think Renault missed an opportunity here. Think of the investment they have involved themselves in and to not capitalise on it with they success they have experienced seems incredible. Maybe their brand managers are floating a different boat but there`s a positive spin to everything and I`m sure major success like this could have been used somehow even if it were to enhance perception of being right up there in technology or reliability.

  3. A very inciteful article. It is difficult for us Americans to comprehend that Renault is the creator of some of the world’s most advanced and technologically superior engines. The Renaults that linger in our collective memories are nasty little sedans that rusted and were ugly. While the Infiniti badge is on the Red Bulls there has been no communication to make the connection. Too bad!

  4. The association of a brand with motorsport is very important. I have long been a keen Citroen man and avidly followed its rally exploits whilst owning and enjoying a Citroen road car. More recently I owned a Peugeot diesel and loved the fact that the oil and FAP technology were the same as in the 908 endurance racer; I went to the 6-hour ILM series race at Silverstone in 2011 to see this car perform and shake the hand of Olivier Quesnel, Sebastian Bourdais and Franck Montagny in the pits. And then Peugeot pulled out…so I began to follow F1 more closely again – and bought a Renault! I may be fickle with my allegiances, but personally I associate the commitment to motorsport of a company with its road vehicles and I agree that those who pull out (Peugeot) or who don’t advertise their success enough (Renault) are missing an opportunity to sell cars.
    I’m not just into French cars, by the way – a Giulietta Spider would be just the ticket, please, Santa!
    Merry Christmas to all.

  5. There is a strong car bashing movement in France and it seems that RENAULT and PEUGEOT are ashamed of their own performance at the top level of motor racing.
    It is a shame to see the gorgeous PEUGEOT Prototype condemned to a static role.
    No engine is more energy efficient than a F1 engine but RENAULT promotes its ridiculous electric insect instead. Only Citroen and Sebastien Loeb are popular, but theit WRC car is a mock-up of a comparatively cheap model, thus politically correct.
    Living in Germany for more than thirty years I closely followed the parallel evolution of both industries. While RENAULT slowly killed ALPINE it is VW under the visionnary Ing. Piech who brought BUGATTI back to life – and incidentally challenges GM and TOYOTA for the world pole position. Pauvre France!…