Nardi at Le Mans Part I, In English and Italian

by Roberto on February 1, 2012

By Roberto Motta and Pete Vack
Photos courtesy of Roberto Motta, Dino Brunori and Alessandro Nassiri © Archivio Museo Scienza

Enrico Nardi was always ahead of his time, even as a youth; take a close look at his very first car, constructed in 1932 with his good friend Augusto Monaco. With more imagination than money, the 25 year old engineering student put together a ladder chassis (designed by Monaco) with a 65 hp V twin JAP engine upfront and a five speed transmission driving the front wheels. It featured inboard front brakes; the lack of a driveshaft allowed the single seat to be positioned very low and it sits very low. Even if it weighed in at only 672 pounds, it was no lightweight contender, winning many hillclimbs in Italian National events from 1933 to 1937.

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