Mille Miglia, 2012 with Hugues Vanhoolandt

by vanhoolandt on May 31, 2012

Photos by Hugues Vanhoolandt

Staff comments are followed by the verbatim entry list information from the Mille Miglia Website. Photos are in order of year and or entry number.

Pre-War Cars

1927 OM

OM was the first winner of the Mille Miglia in 1927, so the OMs have the privilege to be the first cars on the starting ramp. OM 665 Superba (1927) – Sport Wetz (LU)- Fedi (IT)

Rally ABC

The French make Rally specialized in the production of ‘voiturettes’ like this ABC model which finished 3rd at the Double Twelve of Brooklands in 1929. RALLY ABC (1929) - Sport Fiorentini (IT) - Fiorentini (IT)


1930 OM 665 Superba in need of a little help from its friends. Co-driving is not an easy task … OM 665 Superba (1930) - Sport Fuchs (DE) - Falk (AT)


OMs and Alfa Romeos were the contenders for victory in the first editions of the Mille Miglia. ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GS (1930) - Sport Gamberini (IT) - Nobili (IT) and the OM 665 Superba (1927) - Sport Wetz (LU) - Fedi (IT)

1927 Amilcar

A tiny Amilcar CGSS on the gravel roads of Tuscany. AMILCAR CGSS (1927) - Sport Jolly (CH) - Germann (CH)


Although a Bugatti never won the original Mille Miglia, the French make is well represented with many Type 35s like this example of 1926. BUGATTI Type 35 T (1926) – Sport Kruta (DE) - Zoellter (DE)


Another of the many Bugattis entered in this year’s event. BUGATTI Type 37 (1927) - Sport Foresti (IT) - Foresti (IT)


ALFA ROMEO 6c 1750 GS (1931) - Sport Ambrosi (IT) - Parmeggiani (IT).


Only at the Mille Miglia can you see such rare cars : a 1940 Siata FIAT 508 C 1100 coupè (1940) - Sport Dannenmaier (DE) - Strobel (DE)


This Lancia Astura is a unique example especially built for Gigi Villoresi for the 1940 Mille Miglia. LANCIA Astura (1938) - Sport Mozzi (IT) - Biacca (IT)

Post-War Cars


The first post war Maseratis had removable fenders..this is s/n 2002. 132 - MASERATI A6 GCS Monofaro (1947) - Sport Dumolin (BE) - Dumolin (BE)


1947 Cisitalia 202 Pinin Farina coupé with unusual fins. CISITALIA 202 (1947) - Gran Turismo Massai (IT) - Ragionieri (IT)


1947 Cisitalia 202 MM Nuvolari Spyder CISITALIA 202 SMM (1947)– Sport. Rudin (US) - George (US)

Fiat-1100 S

This 1947 Fiat 1100 S finished 6th in the 1947 Mille Miglia. FIAT 1100 S (1947)-Sport-Borla (IT) - Borla (IT)


The original Mille Miglia was a field of experimentation for Italian craftsmen. This 1950 Patriarca 750 Sport is a perfect example. PATRIARCA 750 SPORT (1950) –Sport-Attardo Parrinello (IT) - Ercoli (IT)


Ferrari 166 MM Touring barchetta ? No, a 1950 Gilco Fiat 1100 Sport bodied by Fontana. GILCO FIAT 1100 SPORT (1950) - Sport Baldi (IT) - Casadei (IT)

FERRARI 340 America

Ferrari 340 America Ghia coupé s/n 0150A during the final checks in Brescia. FERRARI 340 America (1951) - Gran Turismo-Panis (AT) - Panis-Markom (AT)


1952 Ferrari 340 America Vignale Spyder s/n 0196A 178 - FERRARI 340 A (1952) – Sport-Stehle (DE) - Schmidt (DE)


Not Zagato’s finest hour. ALFA ROMEO 1900 C Super Sprint (1955) - Gran Turismo -Marx (CH) - Denti (IT)


Brescia, Piazza della Loggia, Maserati A6G 54 Zagato coupé s/n 2107. MASERATI A6 G (1955) - Gran Turismo Hayes (US) - Hayes (US)


Fiat 8V Zagato coupé s/n 000062. FIAT 8V (1955) - Gran Turismo Behaegel (BE) - Vandecasteele (BE)


Ferrari 250 Europa GT Pinin Farina coupé s/n 0419 GT FERRARI 250 GT Europa (1955) - Gran Turismo-Roath (US) - Story (US)


Osca MT4-2AD of US team Covindassamy (s/n 1127) OSCA MT 2AD (1953) – Sport= Covindassamy (US) - Covindassamy (US)


Maserati 150 S s/n 1651 314 - MASERATI 150S (1955) – Sport-Berton (IT) - Sonda (IT)


Many road cars of the time were also raced in the MM, as this 1957 Renault 4CV RENAULT 4CV R 1062 (1957) – Turismo-Marolf (CH) - Alberati (CH)


And this Peugeot 403, designed by Pinin Farina. PEUGEOT 403 (1957) – Turismo-Koppert (NL) - Lucassen (NL)


Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint Zagato coupé with Andrea Zagato at the wheel. ROMEO 1900 C Super Sprint (1957) - Gran Turismo Zagato (IT) - Rivolta Barberi (IT)

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H. Hart May 31, 2012 at 11:04 am

Love the 1940 Siata Fiat….Looks like a clown car

Donald Falk June 1, 2012 at 11:36 am

It looks like an ordinary Renault 4CV, but it was homologated as the R1063 (the 4CV was R1062), with factory modifications such as: special manifolds, oil pan with cooler, 5 speed “Pons” gearbox, Cylinder head with large valves, camshaft, wheels, cut down suspension, 2 barrel carburetor, etc.

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