Lynch at Lockbourne, 1953

by Lynch on May 25, 2011

Michael Lynch took a Stepping Back in Time while dong the one lap of Marin, and briefly recalled watching the races at Lockbourne AFB outside of Columbus Ohio in 1953. With the help of Doug Chadwick’s photo collection, Lynch put captions to the photos below.

Not many single seaters were seen in early SCCA racing. This is Woodie Garber’s Alfa 308 at Lockbourne. Even then, it was well traveled, having participated in European Grands Prix, U.S. ARCA racing, the Indianapolis 500 and the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. It did not finish.

Lockbourne AFB, 1953. Here’s one of the great Italians of the 50s in U.S. racing. This is Fritz Koster’s Maserati A6GCS. It won its class in the main event that day and was later owned by historian/auto executive Karl Ludvigsen. It now is back in the Koster family and is still racing.

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