The 1923 French Grand Prix: Preface to a Great Event

by pete on July 18, 2012

The 1923 Grand Prix de la Touraine (The French Grand Prix at Tours) was not a battle of the “Tanks”, nor were the entries of the unique Voisin and the flat-iron Bugatti of truly great significance to motor racing. Author of the noted biography of André Lefebvre, Gijsbert-Paul Berk tells us why as he recounts the event from the very beginning, from a walk around the course to the final and surprising outcome with the help of a great number of historical photographs. (Above illustration by the author.)

By Gijsbert-Paul Berk (biography at end of this article)

The 1923 Grand Prix de Tours has been labeled ‘the Bugatti-Voisin duel’. But was it? Perhaps not; over the years the press and the ensuing legends have overshadowed the essence of the race itself and even the final outcome. Certainly, the teams of Bugatti and Voisin were adversaries. But the same is true for the teams of Fiat, Rolland-Pilain, Sunbeam and the Delage. It is our goal to review this famous race in a different light.

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